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YPA only select a small amount of clients to represent, this means we are solely working at finding our clients as many castings as possible. This means more chances and opportunities than what you may be offered on an agency representing a huge database of performers.


YPA have built many positive relationships and worked very closely with major casting directors in London and LA. They have met many of our talented clients already and trust that we will always send them talented performers worth seeing for castings. This means more opportunities for our clients to be seen when represented by us. Our clients have worked in TV, Film and the Westend securing jobs for huge brands such as Aldi, CBBC, Huawei, Nintendo, Film4, & Magic Radio to name a few. We also are well connected within the business, finding many directors and producers coming straight to the agency for talent before going through the Spotlight process.  


Head agent Nicole has many contacts throughout the entertainment industry, as well as being a part of this herself, she understands what it takes for her clients to be successful. She coaches and works very closely with every client on the YPA books, always looks out for their wellbeing, as well as offering her guidance and support. Her goal is to help her clients achieve their dreams and encourage strong starts in their professional careers. 


What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is the  database that casting directors use to advertise for professional work within the entertainment industry I.E TV commercials & films. They will use the Database to look through the catalogue of performers and see who fits the role they are looking for, similarly we will also look through the jobs that are being advertised and see if any of our clients fit the description they are looking for.

We will then put them forward and the casting director will look at the profile and if they like what they see they will request an audition. Sometimes they will advertise for open auditions (this is where they are not looking for a certain type of performer) we will send a group of clients we think are capable to do the job in this case.

You must understand that as the performer’s agent we will constantly submit their head shots and CV’s to casting directors, however this does not mean they will be seen. This unfortunately is out of our control. Sometimes it just means patiently waiting for their chance to audition.

How should I get Professional Headshots?

Another part of the process to being on a professional agency is having photographs up that go with a performers profile on the Spotlight database. There is a fee for the photographer to take a reel of pictures of the performer which we will then pick the best ones and upload to their profile as their agent. You will also receive the headshots we pick to also keep, for your own use. It is really important to have professional pictures done as Casting Directors will look at these before meeting a performer. If you have unprofessional pictures or no pictures at all this will diminish their chances of being seen for an audition.


Auditioning is a technique performers will need to learn and to make sure they have the BEST chance possible in landing professional jobs we do also hold audition prep workshops. These will be held once/twice a year with industry Professionals, in order to get each child ready for castings.

Why is it important to attend the Audition Workshops?

As you all know auditioning in a professional setting is very different to when a performer is taught in their usual performing arts classes. They will need to learn various techniques in order to be successful, please remember that although a performer might get an audition this does not guarantee they will get the job. ‘Young Performers’ would like to give out clients the best chance at this and we believe these classes are the way to do so. Most of the auditions will be TV/Film/Theatre and Modelling.

If you get a casting?

If a performer gets selected for a casting we ask that you be available to take them. Most first castings are done through self-tape which can be done at home, however recalls are generally then in London.

If you get a job?

AMAZING!!! We will deal with all contracts, wages, licenses, work days and logistics. As well as making sure the wellbeing of the performer is taken care of.

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