YPA clients are offered exclusive workshops working with some of the best in the industry. These exclusive workshops are conducted by well-known actors/actresses, directors and casting agents, helping with our clients growth and development. We also work extremely closely with actress Rachel Shenton and director Chris Overton both Oscar winners who offer their guidance and support to our artists.


Our artists work on casting & self-tape technique, acting for camera in TV & Film and learn useful tips and tricks to being successful. As well as this the artists are looked at for any up and coming projects that maybe happening.  


This is exclusive to YPA clients and always a HUGE opportunity to not only grow but to network with important and influential people in the industry.


We also use these workshops to invite potential new clients we are interested in representing. This is to see how they cope in a casting setting and track their development and improvement throughout the year.  


We have found that these workshops really help our clients improve their skills and prepare them for castings that can pop up at any time. Workshops are a huge opportunity to be coached literally by the best!! This is something YPA take very seriously to help prepare our artists and set them up for every success.  


dance mode company training and workshops

We are proud to work closely with DanceMode.Company who offer inspired, dedicated and friendly training to artists aged 3-18yrs. Specialising in Street Dance, Drama, Tricks & Musical Theatre.


Although we look at all DanceMode.Company students for the talent agency. We are also open to potential talented artists from around the UK.